The Begur wildlife sanctuary is also one among the beautiful places to go for vacation during summer. Located in the district of Wayanad in Kerala 20 km from the main town area is a place that rears some of the rare species of wildlife and vegetation of the Western Ghats and is taken as one of the best area by nature lover.

The so called Begur wildlife sanctuary is often touted as the photographer’s paradise and indeed if you visit here the beauty of the landscape plus the attractions of countless wildlife is sure to keep your camera busy always. Even the dense forest that covers the entire sanctuary while looking down from a helicopter or even from the summit is simple charming and attractive and you feel like to jump inside as it appears like a bed of greenery soft and comfortable to sleep in. Take the chance to capture the scenery from far if possible by helicopter to capture the beautiful vista clearly.

Located in the forest region of Wayanad mountainous district where the forest region is all filled with the wealth of nature and wildlife, the sanctuary with its blanketed greenery and wide variety of wildlife is an incredible superb natural park. And the sanctuary houses quite a good number of both endangered and common species of wildlife. It is the home of deers, tigers, elephants, leopards and boars along with many other species of live exist here including huge variety of birds and so if you visit during the months of December and May you will get to see them all.

The sanctuary is indeed a wonderful center for all wildlife enthusiasts and photographers to get the best treat of their interest. There are the beautiful natural setting area, amazing wildlife here to make your dream destination come true. So if you have the passion for wildlife and wish to spend your dream vacation, Begur wildlife sanctuary is the perfect dream destiny for you do not miss this chance out get ready to experience your dream vacation coming true.

The best time to visit is summer and summer is the best time too for everyone whether for students or for office goers. You can take the chance of summer vacation to make your dream vacation come true. The reason why summer here is considered by all to be the best time to visit this wildlife abode center is that during this period of the year the temperature is mild compared to other extreme time of the year here in this particular region and 35 degree Celsius is one of the most comfortable time though non may be abit hot morning and evening are rather warm that is comfortable enough then winter time because is very low that it sometimes the temperature drops down below 10 degree Celsius even and so summer are the best time to be here.