Idukki wildlife sanctuary is one of the among unique rare wildlife reserve sanctuary of India. Geographically placed under the interlocked district of Idukki also a beautiful site well known for its tropical ever-green environment scenery and the reflection of the lake combined with the surrounding greenery mountain and hills scenery the place is an extremely beautiful one you will always enjoy being here.

The Idukki wildlife sanctuary offers numerous attraction sites there are the wildlife area where you will find variety species of animals, birds and insects while area you will find beautiful landscape to enjoy the scenery of wonderful sketches of hills, mountains, lakes and vegetation area.

For those coming to enjoy holiday or honeymoon and other leisure purpose with no exact intention to be with wildlife alone you can also take a tour to see the vegetation of this place. The wildlife sanctuary of Idukki consists of thick tropical dense evergreen forest that is filled with different types pine trees and vegetation plants along with the wildlife reserve area. And so you can take the chance of the nature prevailing here, get the opportunity and experience the live of living in the countryside amidst the wild untamed forest, you can also get the chance to roam around freely either taking up nature walk on foot to see the nearby landscape or take up trekking which includes climbing the hills, walking into the thick dense jungle and hanging out in the open area yourself. Trekking also gives you numerous routes to explore enchanting places that are marked with steep mountains, undulating hills and valleys which are cited under the neighboring attraction sites plus you can take a tour and see the world famous the only natural irrigation dam and so on. Thus to get better chances and opportunity take up trekking tour in places like Idukki, you can get maximum enjoyment by doing so.

>And if you love being with wildlife it’s better to take a walk inside the sanctuary then roaming outside. Inside the sanctuary there is not much to see other then spot some wildlife that are roaming around under the reserve cage areas. Here what tourist can do is either capture photos of the wild animals and birds, feed them from the safe distances and enjoy their drama taking clips of them. There are herbs of elephant you will find them taking bath in the nearby lake, you can also spot animals like deer, bear, leopard, tiger, wild Bison and wild pigs. If you are adventurous you can also dig into the interior corner site and capture the mind blowing reptiles and birds too. Among the species of reptiles you will find cobra, viper, python and rat snake but do don’t go too close to them as they are wild they might harm you anyhow.

Travel vacation tour during the month of September and October see the true blooming color of Idukki and spot the active wild bees of the forest.