Ayurveda is called the science of life and long living. It is estimated that Ayurveda originated in India some 2500 years back. Ayurveda was practiced by both Dravidians and Aryans. It is completely a naturalistic system which concentrates on the diagnosis of body humours namely vata, kapha and pitha.It aims at attaining the right balance between vata, pitha and kapha. This field of medicine aims at the spiritual, mental and physical growth of humanity.

Kerala is the land of Vedic sciences. Ayurveda in kerala have stood against a number of foreign and native intrusions and invasions. A practitioner of Ayurvedic system is called a ‘vaidyar’. The Ashta vaidyas treated almost all types of illness in the state for hundreds of years. In kerala, Ayurveda is not an alternative system but it’s the mainstream. The climate of Kerala is also very favorable for practicing Ayurvedic system. The cool monsoons, equable temperature and the abundance of rain forest make it easier for the restorative packages of Ayurveda. Moisture content is very high in the air and also on the skin surface this makes natural medicines to work faster. Also kerala is abundant in lot of medicinal plants used for Ayurveda and the soil is rich in alkaloid content which increases the potency of the medicines. In kerala the user friendly explanation by Vagbhata is extensively used and also kashaya chikitsa is prominent. Numerous types of kashayams are classified and used for different types of diseases. A treatment method using kizhi is also practiced extensively. The Goverentment of kerala have classified all of the ayurvedic centers in the state into two categories based on the quality standards. They are olive leaf category and green leaf category. The main ayurvedic treatment packages for the tourists include Rejuvenation therapy or Rasayana chikitsa, Body sudation or Sweda karma, overall fitness by panchakarma, body slimming, beauty care and also meditation and yoga. The rejuvenation therapy strengthens all the tissue in the body and helps to achieve longevity. It increases vitality and improves mental clarity thus increasing the resistance of the body. It includes the massaging of face, head and body with medicated oils, internal medicines and steam bath. Kayakalpa chikitsa is used to retard ageing and to provide freshness for mind and the body. Body sudation or sweda karma is a medicated steam bath which helps to reduce fat from the body, removes impurities and also improves the complexion of the skin. For body slimming herbal powders and medicated oil massages are used. To improve the complexion and tone of the skin and the body face packs, herbal tea and oil massages are implemented. The tourists are also taught to practice yoga which is essential for mental and physical well being. Panchakarma chikitsa is used for the overall well being of the body. It tunes the organs, breath, body, mind, nerves and it also purifies blood.

In kerala Ayurveda is not a mere health care system but it is the life style of the people. The miracles like curing incurable diseases happen even in the modern day