The backwaters of Kerala are a chain of beautiful lagoons that lies parallel to the marvel of Arabian Sea. The stretch of backwaters and tropical weather condition drives perfectly to meet the thoughts of traveler beside that network of canals, rivers and other source of natural ingredients would make an event resourceful. Together there are around 7 renowned backwater destinations where one could look to spend their vacation; the most surprising element of the trip is all the backwater destinations are connected beside that serenity and rides would give you a sensation of relief.

Backwater destination

Kollam backwater

Kollam or more promisingly the famous backwater hub is the place where traveler must walk in to enjoy the best of their vacation. The backwater hub is solemnly silent beside that collection of islands around makes the journey more interesting and nature affiliated. Renowned as gateway of backwaters of Kerala, the backwater tourism is the main forte and possibly the main economic activities of the local people.


The ride of 8 hours from Kollam to Alappazuha would be the most defining ride of your life. The cruise is the longest ride. The journey starts as early by 11 am and would cover places like Ashtamudi Lake, Alumkadavu, Amrithapuri, Kayamkulam Lake, Thrikkunnappuzha, Thottappally, Pampa River, Kuttanad region.

Paravur backwater

It is one of the most wonderful stages of backwater where traveler would have an awesome occasion to pass through lakes and coast of the surroundings. Paravur is a municipal town of Kollam district and it connects Paravur Kayal Lake with Arabian Sea. The coastal atmosphere is very rejuvenating beside that classification or houseboats around would essentially play their part to integrate the marvel of backwater ride.


From Kollam it’s a 14 km long journey and would take around 2 hours to cover the entire phase. Traveler would require coming here during morning session as houseboat would leave to its designed destination

Kasargod backwater

Nested beautifully around the Himalayan testimony of Western Ghats, Kasargod is one of the finest backwater destinations of Kerala. The backwater ride of Kasargod would take you towards the drift of Chandragiri near Kavvayi Backwater. The source of backwater is accumulated by 4 rivers that flow deep down to Kasargod beside that stretches of small islands would make the backwater ride essentially amazing. Supplementary part of ride is it would allow you to enjoy the beauty of bird watching and nature walk.


The stretch is of 4 km and it starts from the Southeast part of Kasargod and would pass through brilliance of Chandragiri and Valiyaparamba near Kavyayi backwaters. The entire journey could be covered in given timeframe of 1 or 2 hour.

Thiruvallam backwater

Thiruvallam is increasingly becoming the most overwhelmed tourist destination as far as backwater tourism is concern. The stretch of Killi and the Karamana Rivers is something more fascinating beside that water sports associated with the lagoon invites traveler from different section of the world.

Kumarakom backwater

Kumarakom backwater is something that traveler should try at least once while coming here at Kerala. The wild surroundings and perfect integration of nature with glimpse of time makes the site most astounding backwater destination where one could reserve a houseboat and can enjoy the nestling beauty of surroundings along with friend and family.


The journey would pass towards the marvel of Kottayam as it is set at a distance of around 14 km from here beside that traveler can ride across Vembanad to get the best of backwater experience.

Alleppey backwater

Alleppey Backwater has a source of huge canals and could be considered as center of backwater boat trip. The lush green paddy fields of the surroundings are the most essential part that seems to connect traveler with nature. The backwater cruise rides across islands and lake beside that while cruising around traveler can witness the fishing culture and agriculture motives of local people.


Alleppey to Kollam is the most fascinating journey and it would take around 8 hours and to enjoy an advent traveler would require coming here in and around 9 am. Apart from safe ride of Kollam to Alleppey traveler can choose the short ride from Alleppey and Kumarakom which would take around 6 hours.

Cochin backwater

Cochin is believed to have the best backwater stretch around Cochin the pickup line start from Cochin port and would pass through several amazing destination to make your backwater ride memorable. The backwater ride would pass through wild beauty of Cochin and would slow down in Alleppey and Kollam.


The backwater ride towards Alleppey is of 1 night cruise and of Kollam is of 2 night, so traveler would have awesome opportunity to enjoy the best of their advent through potential of backwater.