Kerala is a land rich on tradition, culture and eye candy stuff. The rising number of tourists describes the situation clearly than anything. Kerala is land where unity exists in diversity. The various species of birds, flowers and animas of Kerala make it a rather fascinating spot to spend a moment to relish for a long time. Even though the flora and fauna of Kerala attracts visitors in large numbers, the role of the Beaches in Kerala is also prominent in luring the tourists. The wide variety of beaches makes Kerala stand tall among those in the world. Let us breeze through the prominent beaches and the facilities that tourists can make use of in Kerala, Gods own Country.

The busiest among all the beaches of Kerala is undoubtedly Kovalam. It consists of a span of 3 beaches separated by stone works. The facilities provided at Kovalam makes the tourists feel natives. The traditional outlook is kept alike while providing all the major requirements. First class hotels and shops make it a pleasure to stay and enjoy a pleasant vacation. Sunbathing and catamaran rides are available at a bargain. Pleasant atmosphere mixed with the serene environment makes it a chilling experience to the travelers.

Varkala beach is the next tourist destination in Kerala. This place is prominent for the Sivagiri hills which are also a prime tourist spot. It’s considered that the sea water here possesses divine powers. The shiny sun coupled with the breeze winds makes Varkala the perfect tourist destination spot.

The mix of coastal back waters with sea water makes Cherai an interesting tourist spot. Cherai beach fills the heart of any tourist with the golden sand and brisk windy atmosphere. The beach is ideal for swimming and sun tanning. Fort Kochi beach is located in Ernakulam. This beach was actually a fishermen village of the early era which transferred to a reputed and peaceful beach to attract tourists. The trade route to India discovered by Vasco da Gama, the Portuguese traveller ended at the Kappad beach at Kozhikode. A 16 Km drive from Kozhikode city will land you to one of the beauties of nature, the Kappad beach. A temple located on the rock which expands to the sea is a good spot to visit. There is nothing more persuading to a tourist like the freshness of seawater and the tiniest particles of sand. The beaches of Kerala have the ability to mesmerize the heart of those who are on the pursuit to enjoyment. The facilities and safety measures available at these beaches makes it sure that nothing will go wrong for those who needs to spend a memorable vacation. These beaches are filled up as if daily carnivals are always there. The beaches of Kerala are well maintained and several efficient guides and servicemen make it sure that nothing goes out of control. The obedient sea waves lash back and forth to purify the tension filled minds which approaches it expecting some sort of rejuvenation.