For a Keralite, there is nothing much happier than the news of a festive season coming by. The sparks and fumes of the season is applauded and taken to each and every one of them who wish to be a part of it. The spectacular and authentic view of fireworks cracked during a festival symbolizes the colors and thrills of the common man. The main festivals that Keralites celebrate include Vishu, Onam, Christmas and Ramzan and so on. While festivals such as Vishu, Onam, Navarathri, Ashtami Rohini etc. are celebrated mostly by Hindus, Christians celebrate Christmas and Easter. The Muslims celebrate Ramzan and Eid ul-Fitr. While these festivals offer pleasure and delight to the ones concerned, they also send a message to the observing masses about the traditional culture and respect that the Keralites owe to their religion.

Onam is the most important celebration of Keralites. They observe Onam as the harvest festival of Kerala. All Keralites irrespective of their caste and religion observe Onam. Each and every citizen spends according to his budget to make each Onam a memorable one. Onam is celebrated to King Mahabali and his homecoming. Onam is celebrated for 10 days including the important day i.e. Thiruvonam.

Maha Shivarathri is another important festival of Hindus in Kerala. It is celebrated to observe the day when lord Shiva drank the fatal poison in order to protect the world.  Hindus also celebrate Ashtami Rohini, the birthday of Lord Krishna. People offer prayers and flowers to nearby temples. Lot of activity occurs as a result of these festivals.

Thrikarthika is yet another important festival for the Hindu majority in Kerala. This fiesta is on the birthday of lord Subrahmanya and it’s celebrated by lighting up houses and streets using candles.  Vishu is one of the most important festivals of Kerala and Keralites enjoy preparing themselves for this holy day. Vishu marks the day one of the traditional Hindu calendar. A unique feature of Vishu is the act of Kani Kanal (First sight). The young and the old alike are blindfolded and brought to the pooja room. Then they are released and told to open their eyes only to see lord Krishna’s statue with fruits and Kanikonna, a flower neatly arranged for them to see. It’s believed that this act brings a year full of joyous and peaceful moments.

Christmas is celebrated in Kerala by most of the people. Mass rituals are held at churches and different activities take place. Singing Christ carols and decorating trees and giving presents to friends and loved ones are some of them. Eid ul Fitr is another important festival of Kerala which marks an end to a month fast observed by the Muslims. This holy festival brings joy and brotherhood to the Muslim community. All of these festivals lights a spark of joy for the people of Kerala. The residents are always ready to welcome such an auspicious day into their life with true honor and spirit. No matter how old we get and how generations change, these festivals are always there to spiritually awaken us.