Kerala is the southern stretch of India. Gifted with nature’s blessings in all forms, Kerala holds all the glory nature can provide in the form of flora and fauna. The innumerous species of plants and animals available in Kerala makes it a must visit destination for people who wish to spend time seeing the heavens of Earth.

The lush green forests equipped with predators and prey spread across all over Kerala from the northern most part to the southern tip. Wild life sanctuaries, National parks and reserves fill up 24 percent of the total forest area of Kerala. A distinctive gathering of 13 wildlife sanctuaries and 5 National parks fill up Kerala. The most prominentwildlife sanctuary in Kerala is the Periyar wildlife sanctuary. The name itself is derived from the majestic Periyar Lake which faces the wildlife sanctuary. A wide collection of birds, animals and plants fill up this reserve. It’s also known as the Thekkady wildlife sanctuary. One can reach this heaven by boarding a train to Kottayam. It’s 120 Kms from Kottayam. Trekking, photography, boating etc. done here can be an experience to relish. The Parambikulam wildlife sanctuary offers a variety of rare species of animals. This one shares the face with the Tamilnadu wild life sanctuary of Anamalai. The sanctuary is a 125 km drive from Palakkad Railway station. Trekking and other extracurricular activities can be practiced. The Idukki wild life sanctuary is another tourist attraction in central Kerala with a wide species collection. A reservoir built in the sanctuary is also a sight not to miss. The Wayanad wildlife sanctuary is another treat to the eye with the cool climate and foggy atmosphere. Different species of the largest cats can be found here. Neyyar wildlife sanctuary is located in Trivandrum. The Agastyakoodam Hill in the sanctuary is a sight to watch. Deer farm and lion safari park adds to the glory of the grasslands. It’s a must visit site for tourists. Peppara wild life sanctuary is another cake to taste for the busy tourist in Kerala. It’s a lush wetland on the catchment of the Peppara dam with a wide variety of animals and avian population. The distinctive tribal population is also a mesmerizing experience to a tourist. The nearest railway station for both the above said sanctuaries is Trivandrum. The Cheruthuruni River provides lush forests on both sides of it which provides another sanctuary for the visitors to Kollam district. Different species of wildlife dwells here. It’s a 70 km drive on the National Highway 744. Thrissur district has two wildlife sanctuaries namely the Peechi sanctuary and the Chimmini sanctuary. All kind of floral and animal species are found here. The Aralam sanctuary is situated on the slopes of the Western Ghats. This forest is home to many predators and preys alike. Teak and eucalyptus plantations can also be seen in large quantities. The last one of wildlife sanctuaries available is the Thattekad Wildlife sanctuary. This sanctuary is prominent for its avian population. Different rare species of birds dwell here.