Mathikettan National Park is located in the beautiful in beautiful village Pooppara in Idukki district of Kerala. The national park is also close to the historic city of Madurai. The name of the national park, “Mathikettan” is derived from Tamil word which signifies “mind confuser”. Interestingly, the name Mathikettan is given to the forest as it is believed by the local people that any individual entering the forest can easily lost. At present, the forest is a popular national park visited by a considerable number of tourists every year.


The rich biodiversity of the park preserves some of the rare and endangered species of wildlife. The varied landscape of the park provides a diverse range of wildlife with natural habitat to dwell. Wildlife enthusiast and the nature lovers are delighted to see a variety of wild life species finding shelter in the forest. Some of the common and frequently sighted animals in the park are spotted deer, giant grizzled squirrels, panthers, Nilgiri tahrs, wild elephants etc.


It also provides a perfect s place for many of the reptiles to dwell in the park. Different types of reptiles are recorded in the premises of the park. Some of the most common reptiles found in the park are rat snakes, lizards, pythons, cobras, crocodiles, turtles, vipers etc.


Varied types of vegetations are found in patches in the park which include west coast semi evergreen forests, moist deciduous forests, shola forests, grasslands. The trees that are commonly grown in the park are bhesa indica, syzygium gardneri, chionanthus ramiflorus, litsea wighteana etc. Other than these trees, a diverse range of plants are found in the park like ferns, mosses, lichen, orchids, aroides etc. The most interesting and the unique feature of the park is that it houses flower of Neelakurinj, which blooms in every twelve years.

Things to Do

The exceptional topography provides an ideal ambience and landscape for wildlife enthusiasts, photographers, adventure enthusiasts and trekkers. One of the most thrilling things for the tourists to do in the park is trekking experience. Trekking through the forest is probably best way to explore the wilderness of the park and relish the exotic beauty of the nature. Besides, the picturesque and the lovely landscape of the park provide photographers to capture the scenic beauty of the place with their cameras.

Best Time to Visit

Tourist can visit the park any part of the year. However, it is advisable to visit during the months October to April. This is an ideal season for the visitors to visit as the temperature rose to 400 degree Celsius during the summer and drops to less than 100 during Celsius the enter season, Hence, visiting during this season, provides tourists with p0leasing environment to explore its majestic charm and beauty.


Tourists can find their basic accommodation in the nearby guest houses or camps located in Pooppara village.

Popular Resorts and Hotels

There are plentiful of resorts and hotels located in the nearby areas. Some of the most popular resorts and hotels are Birds Valley Resort, Great Escapes Resorts, Sterling Terrace, Greens Autumn Trees, Ayurcounty Chancellor Resorts etc.


08.00 AM to 05.00 PM

Things to Note and Tips

  • Wear comfortable clothes
  • Keep the forest clean
  • Check batteries and cameras
  • Carry water bottles and food stuff if going for trekking


The nearest airports are Cochin International Airport and Madurai Airport. The closest railway station is lies in the closestrailhead. The place is also well-connected with the roadways; tourists can reach the park by boarding bus from Kochi bus terminus or Madurai Bus stand.