Spread out in the southeast corner of the western ghats of Kerala, the Neyyar wildlife sanctuary is also one of the well known wildlife sanctuary of the state. The sanctuary is not only known for its diverse wildlife fauna reservation but is also known for its rich flora and other variety of vegetation. For wildlife amusement during holiday the best time to visit this park like sanctuary mostly fall during the months of October to January.

he Neyyar wildlife sanctuary of Kerala is open almost every day for the enthusiast to take pleasure in however the reason why we give advice to tourist to come during the period between October and January is because climatically speaking during summer temperature rises up to around 35 degrees Celsius but during winter it comes down to nearly about 16 degree Celsius. The southwest monsoon crosses the area the months between May to July while the northeast monsoon visit the area between the months of October and November which is also a cool season because the weather is cool and you get to enjoy a little shower drizzling every now and then during the day.

And so if you are uncomfortable with wet season you can avoid the month of October and wait for November to travel here and see the wildlife dancing the free space open dry area roaming around. During these if you visit you will also get to see the maximum number of animals. And in fact as per study these seasons also brings quite a good number of tourists almost every year and so the peak season to visit here is taken as the months of November and March. You can visit the sanctuary and be here for vacation anytime the place is open to all any time however if you wish to see some of the incredible wild strange creatures like crocodiles, mugger crocodile, rare reptiles and other wild flora surviving here you can take the chance during the peak season that is between the months between November and March.

There are lot more to see here the sanctuary has substantial natural vegetation cover where you will find the varied diverse creatures living together surviving themselves on the variety of flora that grows well there. The diversity of the flora that are found here is also the reason for making the sanctuary a live till date making an ideal gene pool preserve. As per record in the whole the sanctuary has 39 species of mammals, with about 176 species of birds, 30 different species of reptiles along with 17 more amphibians and 40 different species member of fishes make this sanctuary an attraction area for wildlife lovers. The sanctuary also rears quite a good number of crocodile species.

Neyyar wildlife sanctuary is one among the only sanctuary in Kerala that holds the most number of wildlife species and so it is mostly visited by tourists who are on first tour here in this state. The sanctuary is just 30 km from Thiruvananthapuram the capital city of the state and so you can easily reach them by any transport mode.