Nileswaram is the cultural centre of the district of Kasaragod and was the bench of the Nileswar Rajas. The town is as well acclaimed for its abundant shrines, temple festivals and the Kavil Bhavan Yoga and Cultural Centre which offers awakening analysis and naturopathy treatments like mud baths and herbal baths. Today, the Nileswaram Palace functions as the folklore centre of the Department of Archaeology.

Nileswaram is located 12 km away from Bekal and the abbreviated representation of Nilakanta Iswar is termed to be Nileswaram. The prime highlight of the place is the splendid palace which operates as a legendary traditional knowledge centre of the department of Archaeology. Apart from this wonderful town was is greatly popular for its various places of worship and colorful temple festivals.

The serene backwaters and deltas here in this astounding town is wonderful and worth experiencing. It is absolute retreat for the onlookers here. The Kavil Bhavan Yoga and Cultural Center grant a brilliant naturopathic therapy such mud and aromatic bathes.

Nileswaram Thaliyil Sree Neelakanteswara Temple is the oldest temple in this wonderful town, and there is a legend that says that Lord Parasurama built this temple to ease Sage Neela to make holy the idol. This temple houses a tall Shivalinga, Lord Ganapathy and the lord Sastha are there in this temple. This beautiful temple is just located close to the Nileswaram Railway Station.

The arresting Valiyaparambu water-reservoir is anchored near Nileswaram. It is also accepted for the Valiyaparambu amplitude of Backwaters and boating amazingly admirable blooming aisle forth the bank of the Kerala. Neeleshwar Hermitage is comfortable and absorbing resort abutting to a serene bank in North Kerala. It is abstracted retreat bank and spa hotels of 16 thatched cottages in 12 acres of gardens having palm groves and lip- smacking dishes made with adorable spices and fresh fish caught by the local’s long boats that go out each morning.

Apart from this the small scenic town is affluent with the house of prayers and folk Arts and to add more charm to it the colorful festival and the cultural programs make Nileswaram very unique.

Quick Facts

  • Special Features: Nileswaram is considered as a cultural centre, which before stood as the place of Nileswaram Rajas.
  • Connectivity: Nileswaram Bus Station is nearly half kilometers away and Nileswaram railway station is just 1 km thus getting here is very easy.
  • Nuisance: Scenic Town, Pilgrimage Location
  • Dressing Restrictions: Wear as per your comfort.
  • Best time to Visit: September to March
  • Visit Timings: There is no time restriction
  • Entry Fees: NA
  • Enjoyed By: Nature Lovers, Devotees, Peace and Leisure Seekers
  • Facilities: Ideally located thus all the major needs of a tourist can be easily available here along with the beautiful attractions.
  • Things Not Allowed: Nothing as such
  • Suggestions: Don’t forget to take your camera with for wonderful photography of beautiful scenery.