Pakashipathalam is located in the Brahmagiri hill at Thirunelli. The location of the Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is around 32 km from Manathavady town and 66 km from Kalpetta. The Pakshipathalam Bird Sanctuary is situated at an elevation of 1740 meter above the main sea level and this wonderful place is home to very rare species of birds and other wild animals and absolutely the journey to this tourist place here will be filled with adventurous one.

As expected of any bird sanctuary, Pakshipathalam boasts of a large bird population. Discovering this sanctuary can be a real treat when you come upon hidden treasures at every corner. This amazing sanctuary has rivulets, sprawling hills and green dense forests, all of which adds natural charms to the mesmerizing sanctuary. In Malayalam the word ‘Pakshipathalam’ has a two words in it ‘Pakshi’ means bird and ‘Pathalam’ means the nether world. In order to reach this wonderful sanctuary one has to travel through 17 km of wilderness and a special permission has to taken from the forest department here.

Apart from the numerous species of birds and wild animals this sanctuary is also home to some caves which are supposed to have been used for meditation by sages. It is also an ideal place for the tourists who love trekking as this beautiful place is accomplished by steep hills and dense forests. The region of this fascinating bird sanctuary is also identified as trekker’s paradise as trekking is the only way to reach this tourist destination. Though, travelers also can reach this sanctuary by arranging vehicle with the help of Kerala Tourism Department.

The beautiful sanctuary is best known for the presence of ‘Edible Nest Swift Light’ as its nests is made up of solidified saliva and is used to make birds nest soup. The virgin forests, gurgling rivulets and steep hills together offer challenging avenues for trekking. In short we can say ornithologists, adventurer enthusiasts and nature lovers should not miss out on this one.

Indian Roller, Common Snipe, Cuckoo, Crow Pheasant, Jungle Night Jar, Grey Drongo, Malabar Trogon, Grey Jungle Fowl, Indian Hill Myna, Robin Bird, Jungle Babbler and Large Pied Wagtail are some of the common birds found here.

Quick Facts

  • Special Features: A richly diverse bird sanctuary, houses some rare species of birds, orchids and plant.
  • Connectivity: Scaling the beautiful hills and trekking through the wild forests one can easily accessible here.
  • Nuisance: Bird Sanctuary
  • Dressing Restrictions: Avoid colorful and green dresses and make sure your boots are perfect for trekking
  • Best time to Visit: August to May
  • Visit Timings: 06:00 AM to 06:00 Pm, all days of the week
  • Entry Fees: Rs 50 per person, Indian and Rs 200 per person for Foreigner
  • Enjoyed By: Photo Fanatics and Nature Lovers
  • Facilities: This beautiful place is also supplemented by wonderful hotels, resorts and restaurants nearby, thus making your break a wonderful and delightful.
  • Things Not Allowed: Pets and Plastic water bottles are not allowed.
  • Suggestions: Make sure your boots are perfect for trekking; leaches may cause some problem so before you start your trek you can apply the mixture of tobacco and mustard oil on your body. You have to carry salt and tobacco as when leach bites you just add some tobacco or salt on them they will fall down.