Delightfully located between the Anamalai hills and the Nelliampathy hills, Parambikulam Tiger Reserve is a popular wildlife sanctuary in Kerala. Most of the sanctuary is part of Anamalai hills with peaks that go up to 1,438m which is named as Karimala Gopuram in the southern boundary of the sanctuary, and then there are portions that go up to about 1,120m which is called the Vengoli malai, in the eastern parts. Then there are peaks that go up to about 1,010m which are also known as Puliyarapadam in the west. And finally, at about 1,290m there is the Pandaravarai peak in the north.

Nelliampathy hills that lies in the northern terrain starts out at a place that’s called Thoothampara, just abutting the northern boundary of the sanctuary. This northern part provides a natural opening through the Nelliampathy hills from Anamalai hills, at an average altitude of about 600m above mean sea level. From the south western part of the region, where, Parambikkulam Ar and Sholai Ar converge at a point where the elevation is 473m, which is in fact the second lowest point in the sanctuary, to form the Chalakkudy river, the sanctuary appears to be completely tilted in the form of a drainage basin that drains to this point, except for a little bit towards the north, where the drainage is towards east. Such is the geographical terrain of the reserve. The sanctuary has a rich diversity of animal life which includes mammals with 39 species and around 268 species of birds as well as insects of around 1049 types are found here. One can also see various species of butterflies of around 124 types and 47 different kinds of fishes. The sanctuary is abode for flora and fauna and has wide collection that makes its most sought after wildlife sanctuary by the nature as well as wildlife lovers.

There are many ways in which you can reach this place and they include the following. You can get here by road. Some of the common bus routes are from Kerala which is at a distance of about 100 kms, Coimbatore which is at a distance of about 84 kms, and then there is Pollachi which is located at about 38 kms. Most of the roads are good and people prefer to travel by bus because it is a fun way to get to the sanctuary. Make sure that you book with a good travel agent that has comfortable buses though because otherwise the buses can be a little bumpy. If you choose to travel by train, however, then in that case you would have to go to Kerala or to Coimbatore which are both between 80 to 100 kms away from this place. The temperatures of this place are pretty good and most of the year is pleasant so you can pick and choose whatever you like best. This means that if you like the cool winters then the best time would be to go between November and December. If you like the summers then a good time would be to go in April or in May. All of the months that are mentioned here are not too extreme.