For wildlife tour in Kerala the Peechi-Vazhani is also one among the most popular wildlife sanctuary you can always rely on if you are interested to see the amazing wildlife world of the Kerala. The above mention sanctuary of this state of southern India is the second oldest sanctuary recorded in the state. In spite of being the oldest among all other sanctuary the charm and lure of the place does not fame at all it still continues to attract more and more tourist every year and today it has been kept under protected and is rated as one of the most attractive worth visiting prominent sanctuary of the southern states.

The Peechi Vazhani wildlife sanctuary is one of the most notable sanctuaries of the year since 1958. It is a sanctuary like park spread out over wide space and covers an area of about 125 sq km. Thought it said to be a sanctuary is a home of 50 special varieties of orchid species and numerous medicinal plants decorates the place making the site a wonderful resting resort for all nature lovers and a leisure escapable perfect hub. Well there are also quite a good number of animal species all inclusive of mammals and non mammals. Precisely, speaking about the species of wildlife, there are about 25 species of mammals along with 60 species of birds and 10 other species of reptiles and snakes too survive here.

Talking about its topography the altitude of the place range from 45 to 900m above the ground which is the highest peak in Ponmudi region and so the temperature of the place too varies from 15 degree to 38 degree Celsius and so for best time to visit can be cited as the months of September till march because during these time of the year the weather is cool, calm and pleasant and you can freely roam and loiter around the jungles and vegetation area without being caught up by the scorching heat or chilly breeze and so the best time for tourist will definitely be this time because you can also take chance of summer vacation here. However, you can also come and spend time during the month of November, December and January because the temperature of the south is much better than the northern area. And especially in this Ponmudi region the temperature during this region various from 15 degree to 20 degree Celsius which is neither too cold nor too hot and is the right time to enjoy winter vacation for both students and office goers you can take chance during this vacation days too.