There is no other better site then parks and sanctuary for spending spare time like holidays and vacation to refresh ourselves and get into the mood of merriment of life. Thus parks and sanctuaries are an important aspect for social being, they need to be preserved properly and maintain well for the good of the common people. Crediting about the wealth of nature India is rich country with numerous uncountable beautiful places and wildlife affluent sites among them silent valley is one of the notable valley considered as one of the India’s smallest yet richest national parks is a worth visiting tiny but colorful pure environment sites of Kerala.

The area locally known as Sairandhrivanam which means Sairandhri’s forest is the home of the largest populations of lion-tailed Macaque, an endangered species of the primate for which public controversy over the habitat of this animal led to the establishment of this so called the silent valley national park.

Silent valley national park is one of among the rare park that comes under the Western Ghats and is listed under the Nilgiri sub cluster of UNESCO world heritage site well known for its high diversity of wildlife reservation. And so of the interesting facts about this valley is that it is one among rare rainforest of the world comparable to some of the famous rainforest of the south East Asia like Amazonian basin it is also one of this rare breed of rainforest that harbor some of the rare set of wildlife. Jeep safari and trekking is the best way to tour the parks like silent valley.

The silent valley national park located in the Nilgiri hills at the Palakkad district was historically talking about the discovery it was explored in 1847 by the botanist expert Robert Wight. The core of the Nilgiri Biosphere reserve which is found to be extremely fragile area with unique tropical evergreen rainforest where you will find a lot of rich flora and fauna is the area which is known considered as the national park of the country.

The park holds quite a good incredible number of different variety types of flora and fauna and represents the collection of Western Ghats biodiversity. There are about 1000 species of different flowering plants along with 110 species of orchids. Apart from plants the park also rears a pretty good number of wildlife species that includes 34 mammals, 200 species of butterflies, 400 species of beetles and about 150 species of birds are the species of flora and fauna that occupies the land area. The park is about 90 sq km spread out in northeastern corner of the Palakkad district and overlook from the plains of Mannarkkad the park seems to be rising abruptly to the Nilgiri plateau in the north and so if you wish to capture the overall scenery and setting of the place what you can do is climb the watch tower and see from the high above down the valley, lakes and hills lying nearby it. Silent valley is one of the most popular happening picnic spot of Kerala active and alive always.