For those on the search for bird’s abode if you are an ornithologist tourist do not miss out to visit this special spot of Thattekkad. The Thattekkad bird sanctuary is one of the flawless bird entertainment park of India located in the state of Kerala in the southern part of the country. The sanctuary also known as Salim Ali bird sanctuary is a wonderful site for watching bird and spotting variety of not only birds alone but also wildlife, insect species and other flora species. This sanctuary is an affluent site for rich flora and fauna.

The Thattekkad sanctuary is a special propose sanctuary reserved for birds developed by India’s birdman Dr. Salim Ali set up with an untiring efforts with the main aim to preserve the rare species of flora and fauna that are found freely expose to itself in the open environment. To preserve the rich flora and fauna specially the birds he being a lover of a lover of birds developed the sanctuary with great effort and later kept as a special site to entertain visitors passing over Munnar. The sanctuary is located in the Kothamangalam Taluk of Ernakulam district on the northern banks of the Periyar River and is sited very close to Munnar geographically placed along the lower reaches of the Western Ghats.

Being located in between or we can say amidst the heavenly settings of Munnar and Periyar the climate here is also mild cool and calm and is pleasant enough to capture the mind of visitors. Basically speaking about the climate and weather of this place, the site usually enjoys tropical climate that varies 10 degree to 26 degree centigrade and enjoys annually rainfall of about 1500mm almost every year and so the area here is fertile and pleasant enough to entertain tourist and support live here.

The best time to enjoy watching birds here is the month of September and March. You can take up trip in any of the period between these two months. The Thattekkad bird sanctuary is also a popular vacation corner among tourist. It is just a distance of 53 km drive from the north east of Kochi and can be easily reach via any transport modes.

If you are looking forward for some open space area that is free of pollution, away from noise obviously you have to depend on this parks and sanctuary and one thing visiting these sites also helps you to keep in touch with nature and creates the bond of relation between wild life, natural environment and you. And so if you wish to enjoy the true happiness be amidst nature though not often but sometime once a while during vacations and weekend days spare your time and be in touch with nature god’s own created wonderful world. For such outing the Thattekkad bird sanctuary is also a wonderful nature gifted site made perfect by knowledgeable man. Try to visit and experience the site if you have not make this coming vacation a chance and hold the opportunity offered here for your own good.