Pinpointed at a distance of about 55kms from Kozhikode exists Thusharagiri, thereby housing the very exotic Thusharagiri Waterfalls. Surrounded by the lush green surroundings, serenity and calmness, the Thusharagiri Falls are one of the most stupendous tourist attractions of the southern state of Kerala. Two streams emerging from the Western Ghats unite here to form the Chalippuzha River. At this point, the river forks into three waterfalls producing a snow-white spew, known as ‘Thusharagiri’. Declaring its splendour from a height of 75metres, the Thenpara falls are the highest waterfalls among the three. The magnificence of the waterfalls is a sight to behold, henceforth attracting a lot of tourists every year.

The Thusharagiri waterfalls are not only a heaven for the lovers of nature. It is in fact an amazing venue for some adventurous experiences such as trekking and rock climbing. A visit to this place can prove to be one of the best moments of your life. A nearby wildlife sanctuary with a splendid variety of flora and fauna increments the beauty of the place.

The place abounds in plantations such as rubber, pepper and spices, thereby attracting a large number of visitors every year. The place is an ideal one for trekking. The second waterfalls are the commencement point of the trekkers. Beyond that, they climb up the hills uncovering the very rich deep forests, thereby unveiling the rare beauty of nature in the form of grand birds and animals.

The presence of innumerable pathways and waterfalls make the place a perfect place for trekking and rock climbing. A crocodile farm is set up by the Forest Department of the state of Kerala. The charm and beauty of the place is enough to create a spell on the visitors.

A parking place has been allotted by the forest department where one can park their vehicle without any inconvenience. If one wants to enjoy the beauty of the place, then a tourist guide can be hired by grating Rs.200 per day. The money is worth it. One can encounter the deep forests under the guidance of tourist guides. Accommodations are also handed over to those who want to stay in the Forest Arena. There are no specific arrangements for staying. However, a cottage is available within 100m of the area, alongside a hotel which offers mouth watering vegetarian and non-vegetarian.

Best Season: Throughout the year

How to Reach:

One can reach the place via railways and airways.

By rail: Located at a distance of about 50km lies the nearest railway station of Kozhikode.

By air: Pinpointed at a distance of about 23km from Kozhikode town lies its nearest airport, the Karipur international Airport.

Thus, we can see that the place is a sight to behold and must be visited once in a lifetime. The peaceful surroundings, the lush green environment and the serenity of the place provide a charismatic view of the magnificent waterfalls. The place is quite successful in taking you a step ahead in nature. It is a relishing treat for the nature lovers and seems to completely enchant them. So, come visit and explore the grandeur of Thusharagiri Falls.