Vallanadu Black Buck Sanctuary situated in the hillock village of Vallanadu in Thoothukudi District of Tamil Nadu is a popular tourist destination for nature lovers. Spread over an area of about 16.41 sq.Km, the vegetation in this region generally comprises of scrub forest and is well known for availability of black buck. This beautiful park was primarily founded to cultivate the population of black bucks in India. Visitors across the world arrive in the sanctuary to explore its wild beauty. The rich biodiversity of the forest provides visitors with immense thrill and enjoyment.


The rich scrub forest is a habitat for numerous animals, but the special attraction of the sanctuary is the presence of wild antelopes, also referred as the ‘black buck’. The ideal atmosphere and the efforts of the forest department ahs significantly contributed towards controlling the dwindling population of black bucks in the sanctuary. The sight of black buck is indeed amazing for the photographers and the nature lovers. Correspondingly, the sanctuary provides an opportunity for the visitors to spot black buck which is categorized as an endangered animal. Besides there are other diverse species of fauna dwelling in the forest including black naped hare spotted deer, wild cat, jungle cat, monkey, mangoose macaque etc.


The park is also a great place for bird lovers as it has a plethora of avi-fauna catering their desires sight colorful birds. The scenic beauty of the forest makes it a perfect place for varieties of birds to reside in the sanctuary like Horned owl, Peacock, Nightjar, Sparrows, Heron, Stork, Sparrows, Common quails, Nightjar, Pied crested Cuckoo, Curlew, Crested-hawk Eagle, Grey partridges, Lapwing, Jungle Craws, etc. The sight of these birds is wonderful to see and capture for the bird lovers. During the egg laying seasons, the forest receives a large number of migratory birds, thus tourist in this season are rewarded with the sight of some rare and endanger species of avi-fauna. The chirping sound of the birds fills the tranquility of the forest rendering a unique experience to the visitors.


The vegetation of the sanctuary is generally dray deciduous forest which mostly includes xerophytes and thorny hardwood. Some of the commonly found species of flora in the forest are Ocimum sanctum, Pterolobium indicum, Dodonia viscose, Dalbergia multiflora, Acacia latronum, Zizyphus Species, Euphorbia Acalypha fruticosa etc. It provides a fascinating experience of seeing black bucks coming out of the scrubs for the visitors.

Things to do

Visitors can enjoy watching the graceful black bucks and the majestic landscape of the location. Another option for the visitors is that they can take out their cameras to capture some cool and amazing snaps to make their visit unforgettable one.

Best time to visit

The sanctuary is open throughout the year and the visitors can visit any month of a year, but is essential for them to take permission from DFO of the


Visitors can find their accommodation in the government circuit house located in Thoothukudi and Tirunelveli. There are also rest houses run by the Tamil Nadu Tourist department where the visitors can stay.

Popular Resorts and Hotels

There are also private hotels and resorts located near the sanctuary. Some of the popular hotels and resort are Hotel South Avenue, Hotel MNH Royal Park, Sri Janakiram Hotels, TVK Regency etc.

Things to Note

  • Seek for permission from the concerned authority before entering into the forest
  • Follow the rules and the regulations laid by the fortes department
  • Carry cameras and the binoculars
  • Preserve the environment and keep the forest clean


The closest airport is Madurai located at a distance of 165 km and the nearest railway station is Tirunelveli Junction situated at 20 away. Besides, tourists can reach the sanctuary by hiring taxis or boarding on bus from Tirunelveli.