Among the many beautiful hill stations of Kerala is the Vazhikkadavu hill, which lies quietly in the outskirts of Kottayam, about 60 kms from there. This small, quiet and beautiful hill station is a perfect place to have some relaxing moments wrapped around in the arms of nature. Far away from the chaos and madness of busy cities, this hill station lies in stark contrast to what modernity has invaded our life with. Known for its unmatched natural beauty, diversity of tourist attractions and friendly, welcoming nature, Kerala is one of the most sought after tourist destination in India. It is not only favourite among the Indians but also among the foreigners who come here from far and wide places of earth to get a slice of its heavenly bliss. Be it the beaches, the backwaters, the, the jungles or the hill stations, with such diverse geographical features, it is bound to be the king among all the other tourist destinations of India.

The Vazhikkadavu hill station is not one of those crowded hill stations that is over packed with tourists which makes it difficult to enjoy its serenity in peace. Since it is one of the less known hill stations, it is comparatively less crowded and more peaceful than the rest, giving you ample moments of peace and quietness. This hill station is covered by steep rocks on one side and deep valley on the other side and it is bordered by the beautiful Meenachi river. It looks as if some silvery thread is protecting this gorgeous place and adding more beauty to its existence. During the month of December and January this place becomes more beautiful with the blossoming of orchids and wild flowers, which make it, look nothing less than heaven. The fantastic beauty that you can see around makes you melt in the moment and you would want the time to freeze. You don’t feel like coming out of the enchanting environment and would like to continue staying here forever and ever.

Some of the interesting places you can visit in and around this hill station are Vaikom, Vaikom Mahadeva Temple, St. Mary’s Forane Church, Vagamon, Vennimala, Vaikathashtai and many more. This beautiful hill station can be visited all through the year as the weather is pleasant all over. However if you want to see the beauty of the blooming flowers you can visit it during the months of December or January, or if you want to escape the heat of the summers of the plains, you can come here to have a pleasant and beautiful summer. There is easy transportation available from all the major towns and cities of Kerala. Comfortable and affordable hotels are available for accommodation. Tourist services are well organised. It will not be tough to get a taxi or a tourist guide for going around. Once you land in this hill station you will be guaranteed some nice peaceful moments that will help you relax your body and mind. You will feel like coming here again and again.